Static Line Interactive

Before you jump

Practice safe and precise landings before you even leave the ground! Line Interactive provides ram-air parachute simulation software for PC. Become a more proficient and safe skydiver faster... before you jump.

Landing Pattern

Land in target like a pro!

Practice proper landing approach in different wind conditions using the Landing Pattern simulator. Your approach will become safer, more predictable, and more precise. Make the proper decisions both before a jump and in-flight and land on target every time!

Canopy Glide

A walk off landing everytime

Master the final leg of a landing approach with this customizable canopy glide simulator. Adjust your equipment and weather conditions to create real-life landing scenarios that improve your landing accuracy.

"When we can acquire the right information, and access this data at the right time, we have a pretty good chance of walking away from sketchy situations."

- Brian Germain
"The Parachute and its Pilot"