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For Skydivers

Did you ever wonder how do they fly this small piece of fabric and land safely without any engines? Find the answers to these and many other questions with our training tools for skydivers.

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For Instructors

  • Make your instructions more interactive
  • Engage your students more
  • Customize your actual landing zone
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For Everyone

Force Field Accuracy

In year 2092 the sport of skydiving was changed forever with the introduction of force field technologies. These technologies allowed the creation of local winds. The new sport of Force Field Accuracy was born when the force field technology was coupled with the teleport technology, invented a few years earlier.

Force Field Accuracy Trailer from Static Line Interactive, Inc. on Vimeo.

The goal of the sport is to pilot the ram-air parachute to the target, exactly as it was for the parachute accuracy landing sport. The difference is that the target is a teleport and winds can go in any direction. The first challenge is to get to the target, the second challenge is to do it accurately. Drop zones are configured so that the patterns of the winds make it difficult to reach the target. One must use the knowledge of the canopy controls to reach the target teleport. Score depends on how far the first point of contact (jumper, canopy, suspension line, etc.) with the target teleport is from the center of the teleport.