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Landing Pattern Estimator

Allow your students to see what the landing approach for a ram-air parachute should be above YOUR drop zone depending on different wind conditions.

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Force Field Accuracy

Keep your students and drop zone visitors entertained while still encouraging them to learn how to control a parachute.

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For Instructors

Tell, show, simulate!

Learn how our software can make you instruction programs more interactive, more engaging, and more informative. We can even personalize our software so students can practice with your actual drop zone!

Our tools enable you to demonstrate how different wind conditions affect the ram-air parachute flight. You can show how different inputs are used to control a parachute. Now you have a method to let your students prove that they understood you. As a result you and your students will feel more prepared for their jumps. Show them why letting off the brakes quickly is dangerous... show them what the forward surge is, then let them try it in the safety of the classroom.

Engage students during the training process with our tools. Our simulation programs enables students to ask more questions and experiment with the learned concepts. This alleviates stress, anxiety and allows students can get more out of the education.

We can even tailor our tools to your drop zone. This creates more confidence in your students and allows them to gain the maximum out of their training jumps. With our tools you can walk your students through the landing approach as if they are on the radio. You can test your students by letting them make decisions and observing the outcomes. We learn by doing! Our simulation software allows you to provide an interactive approach by giving your students an opportunity to do things in a safe environment.

Smoothly integrate our tools with your training procedures and increase the quality and safety of the training. Add recorded simulation demonstrations to the video clips you already show your students. Or show them real-time simulations while you explain what happens as you fly the canopy. Complement the tools you already use to make the training more efficient. Your students will gain more knowledge during training and perform better during their jumps.

Please, download and play with the tools that are available for personal use. We provide similar tools for commercial use. We can create your own virtual drop zone for the simulation. Your students will be able to train in safety of the classroom.