Static Line Interactive



We design software tools for skydivers. Use your computer or cellphone to make your skydiving experience safer and more enjoyable. After all, airplane pilots use computers for training, why can't we do the same?


Apply the latest computer technologies to training and education for skydiving at an affordable price, making this extreme sport more accessible for people all over the world.


Static Line Interactive, Inc. is committed to creating cutting-edge, state-of-the-art training and educational tools for skydiving. The purpose of the training tools is to increase the safety of the sport, make training more efficient, more enjoyable and less expensive. Our tools are designed to be of help for both experienced and novice skydivers. Skydiving can be a very safe, interesting and fun activity, and our goal is to show how this is possible for the extreme sport of skydiving. We strive to make the extreme part of the sport more controllable and safer, while controlling the risks through their proper understanding.

Our values

We believe that providing the best educational and training tools for skydivers is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience in such an extreme sport. We know that no training tool can guarantee the success of sportsmen but such tools greatly improve the chances of success! We stress that the importance of the quality of education can hardly be overestimated in a sport where a single mistake can take away one or even more lives. Therefore, we look to improve training for skydivers to reduce chances for mistakes.