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Landing Pattern Estimator

See what the landing approach for a ram-air parachute should be above your drop zone depending on different parameters. If you can see your drop zone in Google maps you can see it here. You will see the downwind leg, the base leg and the final leg of the landing approach. Now it is simple to find out where your canopy should be above the ground to follow the proper landing approach.

The landing approach changes depending on: wind direction, wind speed, parachute speed, parachute glide ratio. Use custom coordinates to see how the approach should look like above your drop zone.

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Custom coordinates: How to find coordinates?
Drop Zone: Want to add your dz?
Glide Ratio: Canopy speed: Use the other turn direction:
This browser does not support google maps. Please use a different web browser, such as Firefox

Use google maps to locate your drop zone. Center the map on the pea pit or landing target. Click on Link button in the top right corner. Coordinates of the center of the screen will be given after ll= string.

If you would like to add your dropzone to the list of the dropzones here, place a link to us on your dropzone website and send us the name and coordinates of your dropzone.